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For less than $300 a month (that's one latte a day) we can begin to properly present your business to over 4.5 billion people browsing the internet on their phones worldwide ​ Your business should have an established identity with a voice for the people that would potentially utilize it’s products and services. Without that identity and voice, your business is destined to be shopped by convenience and price. And, as many will attest, those two features rarely help people make the best choice. Any decent marketing company can create websites and social media posts. But, there is often a huge barrier between the operations of a business and the messaging distributed from third-party that doesn’t fully understand that business. This usually leaves a confusing feel for the consuming audience that potentially would be your customers. We crush that barrier by getting inside your business with you to help you develop it's identity and voice and to make sure your operational model fits your intended messaging. We understand, and can train others on the technology that is needed to expand your reach. We have creative teams that include photographers, film crews, web developers, social media community engagement specialists, intelligence analysts, and media buyers. But, it’s not a great idea to implement any of that until we understand your business. The best part about it... beginning that process costs you absolutely nothing. So please contact us today. We will be excited to set up a virtual meeting with you and anyone on your team you need involved. We can then discuss the ways to make your business more understood, and within easy reach of the people.