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Getting Attention for your business is important. Getting the Right Attention is exponentially MORE important!

Get your business story out there! We are conducting on-camera interviews with businesses in the ORLANDO and CENTRAL FLORIDA areas that will be featured for our network of channel feeds. An on-camera interview allows you to tell your business story which we then schedule for distribution across our network of business news feeds.


How it works:​

  • After scheduling here online, you will be contacted to finalize details and help you plan your interview.

  • Our video journalist meets you on location to conduct the interview.

  • Our trained editorial staff will edit the content into a final asset for distribution.

  • Once editing is complete, you will be provided a full high definition copy of the interview.

  • We distribute copies of the interview to our network of channels who post your interview as content on their feeds.

Key Benefits:
  • Your business gets a copy of the professionally edited interview asset you can utilize across your media channels.
  • We will distribute the finished asset across our ever growing network that will post it across their channels.
  • Your video can be submitted as a commercial through paid advertising channels such as SpectrumTV, YouTube & Google (additional costs apply).
  • If you need assistance with paid advertising, we can help (additional costs apply).
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