Counseling Sessions

Our counseling sessions provide the insight you need to strategize your business and your staff.


  • For start-ups or existing businesses.

  • For owners, management, or staff training.

  • Sessions are 30 minutes in length.


We recommend meeting once or twice per week depending on your plan size.


  • STND ($140/mo) subscription provides for one session per week.

  • PRO ($280/mo) subscription provides for two sessions per week.

Subscriptions are pre-pay monthly and you can cancel at any time.

Booking counseling sessions automatically generates zoom meetings. Once they are created we can invite your whole staff. And, upon your request, we can convert those zoom meetings to in-person, calls, or other choices.


Select "schedule" to pick your first calendar date and then you will be guided to choose your subscription size and start with your free session. You are not "stuck" with a time slot. Just notify us if you have to change yours.