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We can show you how to build Digital Marketing and Direct Outreach designed with a Scientific approach.

What we do...

Brand Marketing philosophy backed up with Direct Execution

Our Extensive Scope of Work:

  • Define your brand and it's community.

  • Describe your pathway to consumer awareness, action, and deliverables.

  • Establish your media channels (Google, Insta, IN, FB, YouTube).

  • Build or adjust your webpage.

  • Set-up copy templates and keywording.

  • Optimize your digital delivery channels and SEO.

  • Build a blog system off of print and, or video.

  • We create image, film, and written content.

  • For "standard clients" we do periodic "seed" posting and analytics interpretation. "Seeding" the editorial example for you and your staff to follow.

  • For "key clients" we do strategic posts throughout the week referring to the predefined pathway and monitor metrics.

  • Identify and direct marketing coordinators, influencers, and ambassadors.

  • Build data tools for CRM and campaign management.

  • Design sales campaigns.

  • Execute market discovery meetings.

  • Advise, coach, consult and facilitate accountability.

Our principal agent has worked with over 300 brands in the past 20 years...

The cost to you:

The advice is free. Call us or schedule time with Steven H. Waschka at S.C.O.R.E. Orlando 


The Direction & Execution is available to you at hourly market rates. Ask us about our retainer fees in your market 

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