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This page is for new incoming reps


We are a Business Development & Communications team. We help people get their business start-ups going and develop existing businesses to a next level. Feel free to browse around the website. But bookmark this page, as it is not visible to the public without the link.

We are currently expanding our rep coverage across the US. This landing pg was created to support the process of new reps understanding our service lines. We respect your time efforts to research a new line. We want you to get a feel for what we do and start to visualize how our services can benefit your accounts and potential accounts.


There are no minimum hours you must commit. You do not have to quit other work. We prefer reps to be active in business of multiple types if possible for you. We try to cultivate inspiration and passion for business within an entrepreneurial spirit.

We use permission style marketing to attract business for our clients which is an industry term for providing as much value as possible to gain trust, enrollment and engagement. We invite our reps to use the same methods to obtain clients for AMAVEN. 


Most independent reps income is nationally averaged at 12% of gross sales. The low end being 7% the high end 15%. At 20% of gross invoices, we pay some of the highest commission rates of any service line we know. Additionally there are no "clawbacks" from cancelled services or required quotas.


We are assigning territories that are defined both geographically and categorically. Attached below is a pdf that outlines the categories we subdivide business targets into.

We have multiple video conferences held weekly and support our reps bringing potential clients to some of those meetings so that both clients and reps can learn from each other. 

1) Introduce yourself via text: "looking to join Amaven" to (689) 777-2108 or just call & introduce yourself by name and let us know if you are a rep with an established territory inform us of your region and category of business

2) We currently hold ZOOM meetings tue & thr 3pm eastern time let us know if you wish join in on one when you text or call.

Helping businesses get solutions for their needs is rewarding work if this is a right fit for you. You will find that those with a passion for small business will be right at home on our team.

ZOOM meeting schedule

updated 8/26

Tuesday: 3:00 pm eastern

Thursday 3:00 pm eastern

check your time zone here

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