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“The Engine of Change” aka what we do for our clients everyday:

Strategy & Planning In order to start or grow a business, you need to make CHANGE. What should you need to change about YOUR business? Should you modify the way it operates? Or, do you need to change the way it is perceived?
Build What are the things we need to engineer to facilitate change? Usually it’s the online technology. This includes social media, other digital channels and the background engineering to support an on-line presence.
Content Creation & Distribution There is a difference between the design and implementation of professional content, and just making FaceBook posts. Content has to transfer a meaningful impression onto the viewer. The difference between feeling like you have to say something and actually having something to say lies within the structure and design of true campaign content.
Engagement So you are making Facebook posts. Great job! But the job doesn’t end there. Creating a post is a lot like stapling a flier to a pole. Without the social context, social media posts are little more than that. Social media is called “social” because it is fueled by social interaction. All the platforms provide commenting, messaging and chatting for a reason.
Reporting and Evaluation Measuring the result of your designed change and reporting it back to the element of “Strategy & Planning” creates a repeating cycle. This continually functioning cycle makes up an engine. This is the ENGINE of CHANGE” that makes your business move forward with better operation, consumer perception, and sales!
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